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Fighting Infertility


There can be many factors which prevent a couple from having children. The male can have low sperm count, the female may not produce enough eggs, or there may be stress factors which play into the scenario. It’s important that parents to be study the various hindrances to pregnancy before they began their journey. If a woman has problems conceiving, it could be for a number of reasons. So if you’re not aware of all the possible problems, it would be difficult to know where to begin to eradicate the issue.

I want to talk about one that most people never think of. Antibodies exist in every living being. They function to fight and ward off viruses and bacteria that infect their host. They grow stronger by exposure to various infections, as well as the care the individual gives to their body. These units were given to us to help us stay strong and healthy, but in some cases they can work against us.


In the case of conception, it’s hard to believe but our immune system can fight the very cells that are necessary for fertilization to take place. There is an entire study of this issue called immunology in infertility. This happens more often in males than females, but it can involve both parties. In the case of the male sperm cell, the immune system reads the DNA of the cells and sees them as invading bodies. Rather than supporting their function, it sets out to attack and destroy the male reproductive cells.

So how does this happen? There are some common things that can set this off. The most common is an infection where the antibodies rally to fight the growing bacteria. During reproductive exercises immune system reads the sperm cells as part of the problem they are trying to fix. They destroy these cells which naturally holds any chance of conception. It can also because by injury, or any kind of surgery around the male genitalia.

mens exam

The deceiving part of his condition is the fact that the man may have had tests to check the level of his sperm count, and been deemed perfectly fit. So when this happens, it baffles everyone involved because it makes it difficult to see where the problem is. So it is very important for couples to watch for any change in the health of the male partner that may cause this infliction.

Stress Fractures


Stress fractures can be one of the worst types of injuries. Especially for athletes and people who work on their feet. The difference between a stress fracture and a regular broken bone, is that they occur over a long period of time. This gradual injury causes mild pain at first, but then serious complications can arise over time.

How does this happen?

The most common culprits of this injury are: bad shoes, bad posture which causes poor strides, or just plain old body imbalances. The stress is placed on the bones over months, or even years, and eventually the bone cracks just a little. Which starts the whole process. As more pressure is put on the area, the split widens just a tiny bit. The person feels some discomfort in the beginning, but may write it off as tired muscles.

How long does it take?

Once the initial fracture takes place, the time it takes for the situation to become serious varies from individual to individual. The longer you are on your feet, or use the joint that has been affected, the quicker the situation will worsen. People usually don’t seek treatment until the pain becomes sharp and they are unable to function any longer. Another delay in treatment comes with those who mask the pain with pills or other treatments, and then once again the problem is ignored.


Athletes have it worse

Athletes suffer from the condition more than anyone. The wear and tear on their body actually creates many weakened areas that may be affected individually, or many at the same time. like other people, they may feel that the aggravation is just tired muscles, or maybe just over exertion. They may also mask the pain with medications.

Another problem with athletes is that they feel added pressure to perform at their best. If they start to feel uneasy, they may ignore it out of fear of losing their position on the team, or not being able to participate in an event. The problem with that mentality is that the damage done over a long period of time may be irreversible. While they may have to sit out for a few months to nurse a stress fracture, it is better than premature retirement.

How to prevent this?

Whether you are an athlete, or a construction worker, there are things you can do to prevent this from happening. Increase the amount of pressure you put on your body a little at a time. If you overdo it one day, hold back for a couple after that to let your body heal. Pushing yourself too hard can do a lot of harm. Make sure you warm up before every strenuous event to prepare your body for the task ahead. The most important thing you can do is seek treatment if you fell pain in a certain area that does not go away, or gets worse over time.




Why Abdominoplasty?

People are becoming increasingly figure-conscious, and the cosmetic surgery demand has increased sharply. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a form of an elective cosmetic surgery that seeks to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen of a patient. This restores the loosened muscles to give you a firmer and trimmer look. A loose and sagging abdomen could be the result of aging, pregnancy, inheritance or any earlier surgery. Only a fully qualified and board certified plastic surgeon should perform this surgery to be safe and avoid complications.

Facts about Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty differs from the conventional liposuction procedure as it is more invasive and results in the removal of more excess fat. It also involves the tightening of muscles after the fat is removed to give you a tighter and trimmer look. This procedure is not for everybody as females  who have not given birth yet are discouraged from having it done. Patients whose underlying muscles are firm do not need to undergo the procedure, as liposuction will be just as effective.

Pre-procedure blood pressure

Good candidates ought to be non-smokers and be physically healthy overall. That means the patients blood pressure and heart rate should be at a level where they could safely handle the surgery. The doctor will do a full physical prior to the procedure and go over all of the results with the patient. The recovery process is lengthy and you may need a few weeks to fully recover as long as you follow the surgeons advice to the letter.

What can I do to help?

There was a Plastic Surgeon Westchester NY who wrote an entire plan for those who were contemplating this agenda and how they could prepare themselves. It started with a juicing regiment to infuse the body with as many nutrients as necessary before even going through with the physical. This did three things. It gave the body’s cells all the strength they needed for the surgery, it brought the vital signs of the person to their best levels, and it started the habit of healthy eating the patient would need in the future to keep their weight stable.

Westchester NY


It is important to note that after undergoing the abdominoplasty procedure, you can regain your old shape if you do not change your previous lifestyle. You should follow strict exercise routines and dietary habits to maintain your figure. The doctor I mentioned previously even had a jogging trail for his patients that went through pretty areas of Westchester NY. If you started a healthy eating routine before the hospital visit, just stay on that road and find an exercise program that you would enjoy and stick with.

proper exercise

This procedure is effective for the elimination of a potbelly but it can be compounded by some post-operation risks. There are complications that may arise sporadically and hence your plastic surgeon ought to inform you of all the possible consequences well in advance.

Bionics For Humans

Bionics on tv

There aren’t many individuals who understand just how far in bionics that we have advanced within in today’s society. Scientists and researchers have created bionic organs and limbs for the human body in transplantation science. There are several of these advances that have already began to improve the lives of several different patients. There has even been a robotic suit developed that is actually helping the individuals who suffer from paralysis, and it is able to do this by the battery powered motors that drive the patients legs, and this makes up for the brain loss that tells the legs to move. Researchers have been in progress of developing one for the kids who are in children’s hospitals.

There have been a group of developers who have actually created the very first “bionic man” in the entire world, and this “bionic man” has functioning eyes, hands, organs, and legs. An artificial heart has even been developed for those individuals who have failing hearts, and they are waiting for an organ to be available to them. While they are waiting for their transplant, this artificial heart is able to function just like a regular heart until that time comes. Even smaller body parts, like the prosthetics that are used for those who lose a limb, function like a real body part or organ. They are also able to develop these prosthetics to look more and more lifelike in appearance. Patients now have the ability to control the functions of this bionic body part by using their smartphones.

As the years roll quickly by, they are trying to reach the goals of developing body parts that can actually feel objects. Scientists have been trying to develop prosthetic body parts that, when they are grabbing for an object, the individual is able to feel that object through the body part through sensors that send this information to the brain. They have also started developing a “bionic” eye that has a small computer inside of it, that sends the pictures through the retina to the brain to allow the individual to see it through that eye. This works just like a regular human eye. There is so much more that these researchers are trying to slowly develop to help those who are in need.

In conclusion, there are so many different types of bionics that are already being used in the medical and science fields in this day and age. In fact, the doctors with Scranton orthopedics are looking to receive grants for this research. With all of these different highly advanced bionics that are now available, the future holds that other types of developments will begin to take place. These specific types of robotic body parts and organs are slowly becoming more and more advanced. In the future, there will be high tech bionics that will become available to humans who are in need of them.

How Shoes Can Negatively Affect Your Posture

ancient shoes

For many centuries, humans have worn shoes to help protect their feet. Shoes are a vital part of our lives and we simply can’t live without them. In fact, many stores will not allow you inside without wearing shoes, and in many parts of the world, it is illegal to drive without them. While shoes are designed to protect our feet and give us better traction, they can have a negative impact on other parts of our body. Today, we will learn how many traditional shoe designs can affect posture in a negative way.

Shoes Can Have a Negative Impact On Posture

The human foot has a natural curve that helps support our back giving us proper posture. This curve has helped support humans for thousands of years. But with the invention of footwear that natural curve has been suppressed causing major back issues. Shoes that do not support the arches of your feet are both uncomfortable to wear and very bad for your back.

Shoes That Don’t Offer Support Can Change Your Posture

Over the course of several years wearing shoes that do not support the arches of your feet can actually permanently change your posture. Having poor posture can lead to a wide range of issues including bone and nerve problems. This is why choosing a pair of shoes that is orthopedic approved is very important especially for those who are active and the elderly.

Stem Cell Applications In Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Stem cells are creating the way for minimally invasive and effective treatments for various orthopedic conditions and injuries. Stem cell therapy in combination with regenerative medicine is now used to treat orthopedic conditions and sports injuries in a diverse range of patients. Senior citizens, highly active individuals, recreational and professional athletes, and people that suffer from workplace injuries all benefit from this form of treatment.


Exciting discoveries are being made almost every day for new applications for stem cells in medical treatment. This kind of therapy has however been used in orthopedic medicine for a while now. Orthopedic and regenerative medicine facilities are bridging the gap between lab research and real world applications.

Stem cells are becoming increasingly popular in orthopedics and sports medicine in the recent years due to the promising signs of the potential to promote healing after surgery, as well as treating injuries that might not respond to other forms of treatment.


What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are what is referred to as undifferentiated cells. This means that they have the ability to develop into various types of specific cells and tissue, such as muscle or skin, in a process referred to as differentiation. Stem cells divide and form cells that undertake highly specified functions in the body including heart muscle, bone, and blood cells and brain cells.


We have both somatic (adult) and embryonic stem cells. In regenerative medicine, stem cells are used for replacing the diseased cells and tissue with new healthy cartilage and tissue. Additional research into how the cells develop into other kinds of tissue is helping researchers to understand better the development and progression of disease in the body.


Stem cell therapy for orthopedics and sports injuries involves the use of amniotic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and adipose stem cells, each of which is used for different orthopedic conditions. Through experienced regenerative medicine care, the proper stem cell treatments are determined for the unique needs and health goals of the patient.

What Types Of Stem Cell Treatments & Regenerative Treatments Are Available?

The following are some of the most common orthopedic stem cell treatments and regenerative treatments:

–              Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

–              Stem Cell Therapy For Chronic Joint and Low Back Pain

–              Regenerative Therapy in Conjunction with Surgery

–              Regenerative Injection Therapy

–              Prolotherapy

What Kinds Of Orthopedic Conditions Can Be Treated Using Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine?

–              Pes Anserine Bursitis

–              Osteoarthritis

–              Occipital Neuralgia

–              Neck Pain

–              Ligament Injuries

–              Foot Pain

–              Failed Back Surgery

–              Whiplash

–              Trochanteric Bursitis

–              Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

–              Sacroiliac Joint pain

–              Cartilage Defects

–              Bursitis

–              Ankle Tears & Strains (Knee, Hip, Rotator Cuff, Achilles)

–              Degenerative Disc Disease

–              Achilles Tenndinosis

–              Plantar Fasciitis

–              Knee Chondromalacia

–              Jumper’s Knee’ Runner’s Knee

–              Golfers Elbow

–              Tennis Elbow

–              Arthritis

–              Shoulder Tendinopathy

–              Chronic Pain (Joints, Lower Back, Neck)

Final Thoughts

Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine have both shown remarkable promise in treating and alleviating symptoms for conditions that have failed to respond to conventional and conservative treatments in the past.

What Is Alternative Medicine For Spine And Back Injury

Have you suffered a back and spine injury and now you’re looking for treatment options? If so, then consider alternative medicine for back and spine injury. If you want to know what alternative medicine for spin injury and back injury is, as well as examples, benefits and where to get it, then read on.


  1. What Is Alternative Medicine– It is medicine/treatment that usually consists of natural ways and methods to treat various conditions. If you have a back and spine injury, and you were to receive alternative medicine, then you may undergo treatment that is usually not regarded as orthodox within the medical profession. There are some alternative medicines and treatment that is used to treat or help those with back and spine injury, and some of these methods include acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbalism. In most cases, alternative medicine doesn’t involve taking prescription medicine.
  2. Examples Of Alternative Medicine– There are many different types of alternative medicine for back and spine injury, and this includes chiropractic care. This type of alternative treatment involves various techniques, such as spinal manipulation. Other forms of alternative treatment include acupuncture, which involves a professional acupuncturists placing tiny needles in certain areas of the body, while herbalism means taking various herbs or herbal medicine to treat pain associated with back and spine injury. That is a few example of the different types of alternative medicine and treatment for back and spine injury.altmed1
  3. The Benefits– There are many advantages of receiving alternative medicine for spine injuries and back injuries, with the main one being you won’t have to take prescription medicine. Not only that, but alternative medicine usually consists of natural ways of treating back and spine injuries, and this type of treatment can be very useful. Another benefit is price, as receiving alternative treatment tends to be more affordable than traditional medicine. If you don’t want to receive conventional treatment or be prescribed medicine, then you should consider looking into alternative medicine to treat your back and spine injury.
  4. Where To Receive Alternative Treatment- There are many professionals that practice alternative medicine, but some professionals only practice one form of alternative treatment, while some professionals specialize in various alternative treatment methods. What you want to do is find a clinic or professional that specializes in providing alternative medicine for back and spine injury and contact them to see what kind of methods they use. After you find out what they do and offer, then you can decide whether or not you want to receive treatment from them. Once you decide you want to receive alternative treatment, the professional will tell you what the next step will be.

Now you know more about alternative medicine for back and spine injury, and you know what the benefits it has to offer. Just remember to choose a reputable professional that provides this type of medicine. With that said, all you have to do now is find a good practitioner and then you can start receiving treatment for your injury.